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I. Original Videos

** New Release **

Jazz Ballad Piano,Saxophone,Bass,Drums I wanted you to listen to 2:43 New!!

Jazz Samba Piano,Saxophone,Bass,Drums Light Purple Rose 3:49

Jazz Walts Piano,Saxophone,Bass,Drums Sunny Day 4:18

Slow Bossa Piano and Saxophone Next day of the Dolls Festival 3:08

16 beats Piano and Saxophone Ballad Surely 3:32

Theme of 3 Cards Jazz Quintet 3 Cards 2:56

Cat and Human Voice R&B Number R&C -Rhythm and Cat- 3:26

II. Original midis

** 4th Album **

horutan 4th Album

16 beats Guiter and Saxophone number Prayer 6:09

Piano Solo Thank you 3:08

Guiter Solo Snowflake 5:21

Piano and Guiter Duet After the rain 3:56

Twin Guiters Blues Number Sixteen's Blues 2:55

Malimba and Kalimba 16 beat Number Your town 4:12

Kalimba Ensemble Twilight in woods 3:30

Harmonica Slow Ballad Open your door 6:17

** Third Album **

horutan third Album

Gut Guiters Silent 5:53

Piano solo Fall leaves 5:50

Piano solo In the wind 3:56

Bluesy Trumpet Shuffle number Walkin' in a Skyscraper 4:36

Jazz Samba I am fine 4:35

Piano and Orchestra On the Ground 2:54

Piano solo I look for you 4:36

Harmonica Slow Ballad See you 4:21

** Second Album **

horutan Second Album

Trumpet Shuffle number With Me 4:05

6 parts Chorus and Jingle Bell Snowy Night -Xmas eve- 3:28

Trumpet quartet Jazz Ballad Night Sky 4:28

Funky Modal Jazz Number More 3:25

Soft and Mellow Acoustic Guitar Congratulation 4:57

8 beat piano backing Number All Right 4:04

16 beat Rock Number I Can't Stop 3:38

Little Walts For You 3:40

Minor Ballad and 3D Graphic Girl Remember 6:00

** First Album **

horutan First Album

16 beat Saxophone number and 3D Graphic Girls Climb Over 4:35

Ballad and Illustration Leaving 4:20

Slow Bossa The Signs of Summer 3:23

Pretty Love Song Little Love 3:13

Piano Shuffle number Ebony Steps 2:42

Acoustic Guitar & E Piano Broken 6:39

Twin Over Drive Guitars Light Blue 2:45

Acoustic Guitar Solo Her Marriage 2:31

III. Classics

Kinderscenen Op.15.No.7 Schumann Traumerei 2:37

Symphonie NO.5 IV Adagietto Mahler Adagietto 11:28

Etude in E major Op.10.No.3 Chopin Etude Op.10.No.3 3:22

IV. Music provided by the courtesy

The eighth anniversary of my HomePage Kawaranai mono(Music by Mr.Takahiro Hara) 1:31

The mutual link commemoration. Vacant(Music by Mr.Tomoharu Takahashi) 1:33

15000Hits commemoration Fanfare(Music by Mr.Takahiro Hara) 0:23

3000Hits commemoration Natural Moment(Music by Mr.Takahiro Hara) 4:05

V. Collaboration

The collaboration music. Spring(Music by Keiko & horutan.) 3:44

The collaboration music on the net. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star(Arranged & MIDI Data by Kirakira Boshi Project ) 6:30

The collaboration music on the net. Tricolor(Music by Mr.Tomoharu Takahashi, Mr.Ryo Minomiya and me.) 7:48

Produced by horutan
Music(Originals), Videos, Animations & Graphics by horutan

Copyright (C) 1998-2019 horutan

WARNING:All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation ofapplicable laws.

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